Art of Impact

We help clients engage Gen Z and millennials through festival consulting, experiential marketing and non-profit partnerships.

Festival Consulting

From ideation to acquisition, we’ve navigated every crossing on the festival development journey. As your festival consultant, we help your team navigate critical decision making, providing valuable resources and relationships, so you can lead and succeed in a competitive industry.
Forecastle Festival :::75,000 reached


Branding is your DNA. It differentiates and distinguishes. The creation of a unique, distinct, and proprietary brand identity is the cornerstone of an instantly recognizable festival.


From permits to power, mapping to medical, catering to concessions, all bases must be covered to deliver successful festivals. Budgets easily exceed when wants overwhelm needs, and as your festival consultant, we provide clarity and counsel.


Proportioned ingredients create the perfect recipe, and successful festivals feature the right mix of talent, vendors and attractions. From musicians, chefs, authors and more, our festival consulting provides a creative, data-driven equation to the formula, and process to procurement.


Team is everything. From booking to accounting, marketing to management, networking to risk management, festival staffing is a critical piece of festival development. You can’t afford to have the wrong people in the wrong place.

PR & Marketing

Designing your dream is one thing, selling it is another. As your festival consultant, we help clients design a festival marketing strategy and public relations plan, deploying the right resources to the right areas, and measuring them in real time using data analytics platforms.

Sponsors & Partners

Festival sponsors and strategic partners are one of the most valuable and impactful revenue streams. Our festival consulting team has designed and delivered over 350 brand partnerships, with expertise on departmental staffing, sales tools, proposals, contracting, brand activations and other festival sponsorship essentials.


Successful festivals are designed like well architected cities. There is math and science to everything you need, where you need it, and how much you should pay for it. With 20 years of festival development experience, we help your team plan what it needs.


One of the “Top 5” features that make or break any festival experience, festival concessions are a recipe of brands, products, pricing and locations, that must be strategically curated. As your festival consultant, we help you formulate the perfect mix of food and beverage offerings.


Closing patron commitment early and consistently is a critical component to creating successful festivals. We guide clients through the crowded landscape of ticketing types, service providers, pricing strategy, data-driven technologies, and more.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is the platform in which brands and consumers meet. It connects authentically and converts customers naturally inside the festival environment. Having helped design hundreds of experiential marketing campaigns for some of the nation’s top lifestyle brands, we help brands build better experiences.
Forecastle Bourbon Lodge :::35,000 reached


To get there, we need to design the perfect brand experience. As your experiential marketing consultant or producer, we do our homework to understand your brand fully. We then apply what we’ve learned designing successful experiential marketing activations, to amplify your product and reach new consumers.


Once the experience is designed, it’s time to bring your brand activation to life. We work with your team to deliver it on time and within budget. We implement sound experiential marketing strategies to this proven engagement marketing platform, transforming your product into an memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression.


We collect, measure and visualize the critical metrics marketers need to know now. With tools to measure engagement marketing, we optimize your activation, to maximize its ROI. You can’t manage what you can’t measure - but with data-driven technology we can gauge ROI in real time - achieving higher levels of customer engagement, maximizing budget and time.

Nonprofit Partnerships

It’s been said “businesses need to think more like nonprofits, and nonprofits need to think more like businesses”. The answer is business nonprofit partnerships. If experiences help you connect, business nonprofit partnerships deepens the relationship and widens your net.
Whole Foods, Nature Conservancy, Heine Brothers


There’s power in pairs, and effective business nonprofit partnerships begin with identifying the best strategic match for your business or nonprofit. Having built a successful business, nonprofit, and strategic partnerships division of an industry-leading enterprise, we see the unseen synergies and connectivity that bring the partnership to life for both parties.


Once the business nonprofit partnership is identified, we design a structural blueprint that charts the way to a blue ocean of opportunity - new customers for the business, new verticals for the nonprofit. You now have an engaging platform to reach unreachables, and engage them in a deep, meaningful way. This extends beyond cause marketing and traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR). This dives deeper, reaches further, and discovers a common currency that solves problems and betters lives and communities.


Now that the match is made and plan in place, it’s time to fuse the brands. With Art of Impact as your guide, we implement the blueprint that maximizes engagement. Successful business nonprofit partnerships create relevancy and a common currency adopted by Gen Z and millennial customers. The result is new brand fans, value-generating verticals, and dynamic growth opportunities you will find additive to your PR, Marketing, Business Development, ESG and corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan.