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Experiential Marketing

Connect the way Gen Z and millennials want to connect. Put your brand on their frequency.

Memories Sell

Inside festivals, experiential marketing is where brands and fans meet. It connects authentically and reaches new customers naturally. We’ve helped design hundreds of experiential marketing activations for some of the nation’s top lifestyle brands, and can help you build a better brand experience.
Kentucky Bourbon Lodge :::15,000 reached


Experience is branding at its best. We do our homework to fully grasp your target audience, marketing goals and metrics for success.


We help brands build better experiences. With hundreds of experiential marketing examples in our portfolio, we know how to increase brand activation impressions and maximize engagements.


Design the perfect brand experience, one that adds value to the customer experience. Memories sell, and the design should ‘wow’ customers and leave a lasting impression. Every step should drive relevance and saliency with your target audience.


Transform your product into a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression that only gets better over time. Bring your brand activation to life, delivering it on time and within budget.


As your experiential marketing agency, oversee on-site procurement and vendor management - deliverables, timelines and implementation. Maximize customer engagement by applying what we’ve learned deploying successful brand activations.


We collect, measure and visualize the critical metrics marketers need to know now. We optimize your brand activation accordingly, using data-driven technology to catapult deep into experience marketing. We gauge ROI in real time, optimizing budget and time.

Case Studies

The best brand activations foster a deep, meaningful customer connection. As your experiential marketing agency, we bring domain expertise and hundreds of successful experiential marketing examples to your team.

The Red Bull Ocean Stage, a brand activation and experiential marketing example, at Forecastle Festival
Red Bull Ocean Stage :::10,000 reached

Red Bull


Design a new experiential marketing platform and brand engagement strategy for Red Bull-sponsored music festivals, that elevates and enhances the fan experience and attracts a new demographic segment to the brand.


Dream big, start small. Dream big, start small. Design an experiential brand activation in the form of a new artist discovery stage. Invite underground DJs to perform atop a hotel rooftop overlooking the Forecastle Festival. Invite cutting edge curators, integrate innovative technologies, and invigorate the audience atop a scenic riverfront setting.


A hotel rooftop party burgeons into a main stage music festival attraction and experience marketing platform featuring national touring acts performing alongside regional trailblazers. A new audience discovered Forecastle Festival and became its fastest-growing segment, while Red Bull received an impactful experiential marketing platform to engage influencers, tastemakers, and early adopters.

Experience It
HTC Vive at Forecastle Festival - an experiential activation featuring virtual reality sets for festival patrons to explore
HTC Vive :::12,000 reached

HTC Vive


Debut HTC's immersive, state-of-the-art, virtual reality technology to the US market. Design an experiential marketing strategy to introduce the technology and drive adoption amongst media, retailers, distributors, influencers, brand superfans and more.


Build, measure, learn. Before taking the highly-anticipated technology on a major media market tour, debut it at Forecastle Festival in Louisville, KY. Vet the tech with an experiential brand activation for 75,000 fans. Invite key stakeholders and influencers to experience it first. Record their experiences for R&D, product development, digital and social media marketing purposes. Take those learnings and optimize the brand activation for a nationwide tour.


Launching in a mid-size market, HTC saves valuable resources while gaining the trust, knowledge, data and content it needs to launch nationally. Forecastle receives an extremely popular attraction, meaningful sponsorship revenue, and over a billion media impressions from becoming the first US music festival to debut the new technology.

Experience It
PBR Trading Post at Forecastle Festival - an experiential marketing activation and business nonprofit partnership with Clean Vibes
PBR Trading Post :::15,000 reached

Pabst Blue Ribbon


Leverage the stimulating music festival environment to convert fan passion into impactful, recycling action.


Partner with Pabst Blue Ribbon to craft a creative, artistic brand activation in the form of a trading post where fans can redeem recyclables for authentic, one-of-a-kind, collectible merchandise. The bigger the effort, the greater the reward, the cleaner the festival. An experience marketing and social impact strategy that wins for everyone.


Forecastle Festival rises to No. 2 nationally in waste diversion. Pabst received thousands of inspired brand engagements, new customer relationships, and passionate brand advocates. Music, art, activism® converged to forge an impactful experience marketing platform that introduced new customers in a new way, while igniting and fortifying their existing, loyal following.

Experience It

Why It Works


72% of Millennials prefer to spend on experiences while 84% don’t trust traditional advertising. Get ready for Gen Z, who will double-down on this philosophy. Put your brand on their frequency.


Experiences connect in a natural environment that fosters a deeper, personal connection between brand and buyer. Authentic, meaningful, viral and valuable, marketing is better when delivered through experiences.


Experiences tend to grow fonder in a customer’s mind over time. Authentic brand activations open the door to dialogue, product or service trial. It taps a powerful emotional vernacular, and is 17X more efficient than any other advertising channel.


Experiential marketing activations capitalize when creative, focused, and topical to the times. Our experiential marketing agency has worked with some of the nation’s top brands to craft some of their best brand activations, and bring that experience, knowledge and best practices to your team.

"As a US Brand Manager for Brown-Forman (Jack Daniels, Old Forester, Finlandia), I was struck by JK’s vision and impressed by the thoughtfulness in which he architected our brand activation. It unlocked deep, meaningful customer interactions. I like his ability to connect our brands to new customers in environments that are interactive and inviting. Once you engage with his ideas, you tend to get a lot of bang for the proverbial buck and ultimately, that is what helps brands grow."

:: Campbell Brown | President of Old Forester