Ticketing Vendors and Platforms for Your Music Festival

By jk@artofimpact.com | December 5, 2023

Increase Music Festival Attendance with Frictionless Ticketing

Ticketing for a music festival involves selecting a vendor and platform that suits your needs and facilitates a smooth ticketing process for both organizers and attendees. Here are some popular ticketing platforms for music festivals:


Eventbrite is a widely used platform for ticketing and event management. It allows you to create custom event pages, sell tickets online, and track sales. Eventbrite also offers features for promoting events and managing your buyers, making it a great option for your music festival.

Front Gate Tickets is a comprehensive event ticketing platform known for its integration with major music festivals and live events. Offering a user-friendly interface and advanced features, Front Gate Tickets allows organizers to efficiently sell tickets, manage access control, and enhance the overall attendee experience for a wide range of entertainment events.

Ticketmaster is the best-known ticketing platform that also provides comprehensive event management services. It offers options for selling tickets online and at physical retail locations. Ticketmaster provides tools for marketing and promoting events, with larger festivals and venues often able to tap Ticketmaster’s extensive repository of consumer data to better target buyers. The company has been criticized for high service charges and putting premium tickets on the secondary market.

Brown Paper Tickets is known for its straightforward and transparent fee structure. It supports online ticket sales, and you can also sell tickets at physical locations using their system. Brown Paper Tickets has a user-friendly interface for both organizers and attendees.

StubHub is a popular secondary ticket marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell tickets. While it’s not a primary ticketing platform, it can be used to resell tickets for your festival.

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Peatix is an event ticketing and management platform that allows you to create and customize event pages. It offers features like QR code check-ins and mobile ticketing.

Festicket specializes in festival ticketing and also offers packages that include tickets, accommodation, and other festival-related services. It’s particularly useful for destination music festivals.

Ticket Tailor is known for its low fees and customizable ticketing pages. It supports online ticket sales and provides tools for managing guest lists and seating.

Gigantic is a UK-based ticketing platform that supports various types of events, including music festivals. It provides a range of ticketing options and marketing tools.

eTix is a versatile and user-friendly digital ticketing platform that enables event organizers to seamlessly sell tickets online, manage events, and streamline the overall ticketing process. With its robust features and customizable options, eTix empowers organizers to create a tailored ticketing experience for various events, from concerts and sports games to festivals and theater performances.


When selecting a ticketing platform, consider factors such as convenience, service charges, customer support, and any additional features that may enhance the overall experience for both producers and patrons. It’s also essential to ensure that your selected platform complies with any local regulations and provides a secure, reliable payment processing and refunding system.

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