Nonprofit Partnerships

Businesses need new customers, nonprofits need new revenue. We play matchmaker, architecting brand partnerships that deliver dynamic value.


Deeper Connections

It’s been said “businesses need to think more like nonprofits, and nonprofits need to think more like businesses”. The answer is business nonprofit partnerships. If experiences help you connect, business nonprofit partnerships deepens the relationship and widens your net.
Sierra Nevada, Forecastle Foundation :::25,000 reached


There’s power in pairs, and effective business nonprofit partnerships begin with identifying the best strategic match for your business or nonprofit. Having built a successful business, nonprofit, and strategic partnerships division of an industry-leading enterprise, we see the unseen synergies and connectivity that brings the partnership to life for both parties.


Once the business nonprofit partnership is identified, we design a structural blueprint that charts the way to a blue ocean of opportunity - new customers for the business, new verticals for the nonprofit. You now have an engaging platform to reach unreachables, and engage them in a deep, meaningful way. This extends beyond cause marketing and traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR). This dives deeper, reaches further, and discovers a common currency that solves problems and betters lives and communities.


Now that the match is made and plan in place, it’s time to fuse the brands. With Art of Impact as your guide, we implement the blueprint that maximizes engagement. Successful business nonprofit partnerships create relevancy and a common currency adopted by Gen Z and millennial customers. The result is new brand fans, value-generating verticals, and dynamic growth opportunities you will find additive to your PR, Marketing, Business Development, ESG and corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan.

Case Studies

Successful business nonprofit brand partnerships are about designing an enduring relationship that delivers dynamic, exponential value to both parties. With the business nonprofit partnerships below, we focused on delivering a short-term campaign with a lasting framework to help businesses reach new customers and nonprofits achieve new revenue verticals.

Four Roses and Forecastle Foundation craft a business nonprofit corporate partnership
Business NonProfit Partnership :::Four Roses, Forecastle Foundation

Bourbon Cares


Introduce 30,000 new customers to Kentucky Bourbon Trail brands, while providing a new revenue vertical for the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust to protect critical Kentucky wildlands.


Design an engaging brand activation that combines bourbon brands with national touring bands inside the Forecastle Festival. Design a “turn-of-the-century rickhouse meets prohibition-era speakeasy” and invite bands to sample single-barrel selections from their favorite bourbon brands. Pair Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, Old Forester, Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey with artists like Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Spoon, and more, with proceeds going to purchase critical watersheds and old-growth forests in Eastern Kentucky.


The participating brands received a powerful PR and marketing alignment with popular national artists, new customers and retail sales (at no cost, other than allocating a single-barrel to the program, which the concessionaire paid for). Kentucky Natural Lands Trust raises thousands to protect critical watersheds and wildlands corridors. For the festival, an impactful experiential marketing activation is born, which grows from 900 to 15,000 square ft, and is hailed as “Bourbon’s Most Important Festival” by Wall Street Journal best-selling author Fred Minnick.

Experience It
Sierra Nevada’s Chantey IPA - a business nonprofit partnership and experiential marketing campaign with Forecastle Foundation
Business NonProfit Partnership :::Chantey IPA

Sierra Nevada


Inspired by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, craft a new product line that protects the world’s most breathtaking environments.


Pair Sierra Nevada with The Forecastle Foundation. Under the guidance of Steve Grossman (brother of Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman) craft a limited-edition, community-centric expression with a powerful giveback arm. Prior to product launch, design a multi-tiered, on and off-premise PR, marketing and retail strategy to build anticipation for the corporate partnership. Following the campaign, debut the product before 400 media outlets and 70,000 fans at Forecastle Festival, its unique, collaborative story told at each serving location.


The experiential marketing campaign rewards Sierra Nevada and its key accounts with exclusive product, earned media, new customers, sales and on-site engagements with an audience it may not have reached otherwise. For the Foundation, the campaign raised thousands to protect critical wildlife habitats from Argentina to Indonesia, Belize to Florida.

Experience It
Heine Brothers and Forecastle Foundation partner with Whole Foods to forge corporate partnerships with nonprofits
Business NonProfit Partnership :::Kentucky Dream

Whole Foods & Heine Brothers


Develop a new coffee blend that attracts new customers to Whole Foods and Heine Brothers, while supporting indigenous Central American communities while protecting highly-threatened, biodiversity habitats in Kentucky.


Pair national retailer Whole Foods with local retailer Heine Brothers on a unique, proprietary, nonprofit give back blend titled “Kentucky Dream.”. Leverage Heine Brother’s extensive grower relationships in Central America, while partnering with Whole Foods experiential marketing team to maximum awareness of the philanthropic corporate partnership. Launch a targeted PR & MKTG campaign across retail and non-profit channels to share the story and reach new customers in the hypercompetitive coffee and grocery segments.


Thousands of new customers patronize Whole Foods following a press conference announcing the corporate partnership and its local/global focus. For independent coffee purveyor Heine Brothers Coffee, a new level of customer engagement, reinforcing its longstanding commitment to the communities in which it operates, keeping its product line fresh and relevant, and loyal customers invigorated. For the Forecastle Foundation, a new revenue stream to protect Kentucky’s Green River and Pine Mountain Wildlands Corridor.

Experience It

Why It Works


Research shows millennials and Gen Z are strongly motivated to support brands driven by purpose. Too often, successful corporate charity partnerships are transactional and one-dimensional. This is about building an enduring, dynamic relationship that benefits both parties equally.


Smile like you mean it. If you want customers to wear your brand like a badge, think past your brand. Solve a problem. Improve a life. Enhance a community. Successful corporate partnerships with nonprofits accomplish this and so much more.


For nearly twenty years, we designed corporate partnerships with nonprofits seeking an impactful festival integration. Strategically tied to priorities of each company, we know what it takes to artfully architect successful brand partnerships.


We identify, design, and deploy impactful business nonprofit partnerships that extend beyond cause marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to reach broader networks, new customer segments, new revenue verticals, PR and MKTG value, and more. Together we help bridge the business nonprofit divide.

"JK is a visionary, strategist and tactician - he sees the potential of any product or service clearly, crafts a potent strategy, and is an effective leader building a team who tactically can reach any goal. An early adopter, he was a leader nationally in merging business with philanthropy and community benefit, always including the ROC (return on community) to the ROI."

Gill Holland, Entrepreneur | Community Builder