The Top 5 Secrets of Great Event Production

By | March 13, 2024

These Industry Secrets Elevate Event Production

Success in event production is achieved through careful planning, attention to detail, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances… but there are some industry secrets we’ve learned that can take your event from good to great!

Here’s some insider knowledge we’ve gleaned over the years…

The Forecastle Festival mast stage - fans and festival sponsors along the Ohio River riverfront in downtown Louisville, KY

Goals Drive the Ship

Establish clear goals for your event production. This is a fundamental step in guiding your team and ensuring that every decision aligns with the production objectives. When obstacles arise, your goals should be top of mind when determining how to pivot and move forward.

Stick to Budget

The secret to a great budget is to define your consumer experience goals and prioritize your budget accordingly. Allocate resources where they matter most to enhance the overall event quality. Prioritize spending on elements that directly contribute to achieving your goals and creating a memorable experience.

Hire A-Players

Invest in a strong, capable staff. Your team will absolutely make or break your event. Understand that quality staffing may come with higher upfront costs, but their expertise and efficiency will pay off in the seamless execution of the event.

Treat Vendors Like Artists

Make your vendor experience as comfortable and seamless as possible. Your service providers are core part of your procurement team, and assuring they have what they need, when they need it, goes a long way. This includes providing accommodations, transportation (if needed), and easy access to hospitality and amenities. You want to build strong relationships with vendors and service providers to make them feel like integral parts of the team. This will foster a collaborative and supportive culture that your guests will feel. Simple gestures like bringing them coffee, providing meals, and ensuring they have the necessary materials contribute to a positive vendor experience. You want your event to become their favorite, and as the extra effort goes a long way.

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Negotiate Contracts

Don’t shy away from negotiation – you never want to leave money or added value on the table. Be thorough in reviewing contracts to ensure favorable terms and conditions. Understanding and negotiating contracts can help manage costs and avoiding unforeseen issues during the event.


By incorporating these secrets into your event production strategy, you can enhance the overall consumer experience and establish a reputation as a favorite festival among vendors and attendees alike.

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